About ChromieZone.com

Who We Are

ChromieZone.com is a small business, trying to make a difference in the Down Syndrome community.  We are proud parents of a beautiful 2-year old boy with Down Syndrome who brings us smiles and love all day, every day.  If you need a smile today, visit us on Instagram @Chromie_Zone and try to hold back your wide grin!

DS is not new to our family.  We have a direct cousin with DS, who is 35 years old and has been a shining light for all of us from day 1.  We like to think we’ve always been special to him, and have maintained a close relationship even with the geographic distance.  So when we were pregnant with our little one and found out he would likely have DS, we kind of chuckled about the way life works and could have not been more excited.

So why did we start ChromieZone.com?  Initially we were finding it difficult to find Down Syndrome awareness items on the Internet.  And when we did, it seemed like nothing was in stock and we had to keep searching.  Then we attended our first Buddy Walk, and the idea was born.

Our stroll through the “vendor” area left us wondering how we could help share and spread awareness of the beautiful creativity we were witnessing.  So how about a centralized marketplace for folks in our Down Syndrome to offer products?  Make it easy for folks to expand their business, and make it easy for buyers to find what they’re looking for.  And so ChromieZone.com was created.

For Our Community

Inspired by all of the incredible creativity, support, and dedication we see every day in our Down Syndrome community, we wanted to contribute.  This online marketplace is yours – and designed as a central place for folks in our Down Syndrome community to buy and sell unique designs and products.


Buyer’s Experience

This is what it’s all about. Finally – a central place to find great products from multiple vendors who represent our Down Syndrome community and awareness.  Shop with confidence and get to know the sellers by reading their bio’s, reviewing their ratings, and being able to communicate with them.  And no need to wait until your next Buddy Walk to see all the great stuff or find the t-shirt you’re looking for!


Sellers Experience

As a Seller you’ll be reaching your target market, and ONLY your target market!  Visitors and shoppers on ChromieZone.com are part of our community!  They are looking SPECIFICALLY for products either related to Down Syndrome awareness, and/or created by our folks.

We are fully aware of the other sites available for you to sell your products including Amazon, Etsy, and your own website.  And we are NOT suggesting you stop selling there.  We’re simply another marketplace for you to extend your reach and expand your sales.  BUT, we won’t be surprised when you find us giving you the BEST results…period!


Some Final Thoughts:

  • Building your store is simple with our Easy Builder store setup Wizard.  But we’ll also do it for you if you need assistance…just ask!
  • Most of the marketing is handled for you!  We’ll be bringing shoppers to the site.  You’ll be bringing shoppers to the site.  Other vendors will be bringing shoppers to the site.  And shoppers will be bringing other shoppers to the site when they “share their likes”.  You’re success is right around the corner!
  • We handle all payment processing, and you collect the commissions…simple as that.
  • Full knowledge base, vendor forum, and support ticketing system…help is abundant.
  • Purpose-built tools to help you sell including Coupon Codes, Social Media Integration, Multiple Product Images or Video, and much, much more.  Click here to view a comprehensive list of the features and functionality available for you.

Ready to open your store???