How It Works

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Launch Your Own Online, e-Commerce Store on Chromie Zone. Create your individual store, manage your inventory and shipping, and earn a very high percentage of your sales!

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Everything you need to be successful is included – lightning-fast hosting, SSL encryption (secure shopping), simple-to-use interface, helpful articles such as “Social Media Strategies”, members-only forums, and much more!

Marketplace Features

Single Marketplace Multiple Sellers is a single marketplace with multiple sellers.  Designed with an “Etsy-like” feel, you can setup your own online store and be selling with ease.  Quickly expand your online footprint and increase sales by accessing buyers who are being driven to the site through multiple streams!
Chromie Zone - Down Syndrome Awareness Products

Powerful Marketing Done Right

You need to be leveraging the Crowd!  All store owners are helping each other by drawing buyers through their own channels.  Our platform is enhanced for Social Media marketing  and SEO – you’ll finally be able to easily post your products to your Social Media accounts and have the images show up the way they should!  You do what you do best, and we’ll do the rest.

Simple Powerful Effective Tooling

Your store is very simple to setup, list products, and start selling.  Powerful selling tools are fully integrated and easy to use.  From sleek store templates to timed sales to coupon management…it’s all here for you.  And all completely responsive-built for mobile devices!

Marketplace Sellers Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard for marketplace vendors offering a snapshot of your most important tasks. The feature-rich dashboard guides you to manage your products, commissions, track orders and plenty more. All that from one place.

Vendors Review

Buyers in our marketplace can rate and review all vendors!  Purely a community managed process, buyers are confident in the products they’re buying.

Getting Paid Is Easy

Getting paid is so easy.  Your commissions can automatically disburse hourly, daily, or monthly!  Or, you can manually request to the admin for commission disbursal.

Make it Yours

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