Seller FAQs

As you can see, we are still adding to the below Frequently Asked Questions.  If you don’t find an answer below, please ask us via out Contact Us page.

Setting Up a Store

How long does it take to setup my store?

Once approved, the process for setting up your store takes just a few minutes.  Please visit the Store Registration page to fill out the needed info and

What do I need to have to set it up?

Setting up your store is very easy, the Wizard will walk you right through it.  This is where you’ll choose your favorite template, create your store name, upload your store logo or icon, and fill out your bio and contact information.  So as long as you know what you’ll be filling in here, you’re all set!


Marketing & Promotion

How does help by marketing and promoting the site?

Our passion is to have as the go-to website for people looking to buy Down Syndrome Awareness anything!  Our marketing & promotion efforts are extensive, and include both online and direct marketing and networking.  Follow us on our Social Media accounts, or we’ll see you at the next Buddy Walk!

What can I do to help market and promote my own store and Products?

Here is the fun and easy part!  First, your store will be your own unique web address such as  Once your store is setup, you simply need to post links directly to your store or individual products.


Social Media Integration

Is it easy to share my products and store on my Social Media accounts?

Yes!  Many folks struggle with posting professional-looking links to their Social Media Accounts.  This is taken care of for you out-of-the-box so that you simply post a link to your product or store, and the right image and description show up every time.


Fees, Costs, and Getting Paid

How much money do I make from the sale of each of my products?

Currently, the only pricing model we have is commission-based.  This means that you will receive 90% of the total sale price for every item you sell!  There are no monthly fees, no order or payment processing charges, etc.  Very straightforward and easy to understand.

Please note that we will also be introducing other pricing options for those of our store owners who prefer a different model.  You can check our Seller’s Fees page for up-to-date information.

How do I receive my earnings?

You will immediately receive the taxes and shipping charges as these are not calculated in our fees.  Then at any time you can easily request from your Dashboard to have your commissions dispersed to you, pending the 30-day hold period and $25 minimum.

How often do I get paid?

You can get paid as often as you like!  Just keep in mind there is a minimum payout amount of $25, and a holding period of 30 days.

What is the holding period for receiving payouts?

The holding period before commissions are available for payment is 30 days.  This is to protect us from any charge-backs or other payment issues from shoppers.

What is the minimum balance amount before I can request a payout?

You must have an account balance of at least $25 in order to request a payout.